Down in the Mine


You guys I went to the supermarket and the bank in the same day and it’s no wonder they call us the Greatest Generation

Why talking with a toddler is like talking with an insane person

  • N: What we having [for dinner]?
  • Me: Pasta.
  • N: I no want pasta.
  • Me: Ok, we're having noodles.
  • N: I like noodles.
  • 10 seconds pass.
  • N: I no want noodles, I want pasta.
  • Me: OK, you can have pasta.
  • N: I want noodles and pasta.
  • Me: OK.
  • N: YAY!!!!!!!
  • 2 minutes pass.
  • N: I no want dinner.

If you’re not humming this song all day after watching this video, the problem is you, not the song.

“I’m not a doctor, and I try not to give medical advice in these articles. However, I will confidently say that you shouldn’t drink the blood of someone with Ebola.”

Blood Alcohol